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Brushing Mistakes You May Not Know You’re Making


Brushing our teeth is second-nature—something we hardly think about.  Brushing your teeth the RIGHT way is the key to having a healthy mouth and it will help you avoid cavities and gum disease.

The first step is choosing the right toothbrush.  A regular .99 cent toothbrush may not be that great for your mouth, or it may work just fine.  What size your mouth is will determine what type of toothbrush you should be using.  If you can barely fit the toothbrush in your mouth……its probably too big.  The toothbrush should feel comfortable I your mouth and in your hand---that makes using it a lot easier. 

The bristles shouldn’t be hurting you either…..nor should they feel like they aren’t doing their job.  If the bristles are to hard, your gums will be hurt.  A soft or medium bristle is best.  best toothbrush on the market Linwood NJ 08221

Now to an electric or a manual brush……this is a preference.  A lot of times an electric toothbrush can making brushing a lot easier and help you do a better job.


One of the best ways to know if you are giving your teeth the proper amount of cleaning time, is how often you are brushing.  Twice a day is what is recommended, but three times a day is best.  Every time you brush, it should last at least 2 minutes. Most of the time, people fall short of this.  The easiest way to make sure each space in the mouth is getting the proper amount of time is to divide the mouth into four sections, and spend 30 seconds on each area.   best toothbrush on the market Linwood NJ 08221


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