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Too Much Sharing

There is a thing called “too much sharing”……..and your toothbrush needs to be on that list!  Maybe it’s not even something that you have thought about doing! 


There are studies that have shown that a toothbrush can become extremely contaminated with oral bacteria. Again, maybe you haven’t thought about your spouse or child using your toothbrush, but that’s not what we are talking about.


Many families store their toothbrushes in the same place…..and airborne bacteria can easily move from one toothbrush to the other---passing along nasty infections like periodontal disease and even the common cold.


The best thing you can do is protect your own toothbrush!  Either store it in a completely separate area, or use a toothbrush cover.


Water that splatters, toothbrushes contacting skin, and even knocking against one another are all ways that the bacteria will spread.  Make sure you are rinsing your toothbrush really well after EVERY use….and shake that moisture (carefully) off the brush.  Store your toothbrush upright before you place the cover on it. 


Having food particles or contacting the skin are situations that are unavoidable…..it is just the consequence that happens with every day brushing.  Who Is The Best Dentist Near Me Linwood NJ 08221


Washing your hands before and after brushing should also be something you should practice.  Soak unused brushes in antiseptic mouthwash---therefore you should have more than one toothbrush to make brushing more practical. 


Bathrooms, in most cases, are the most contaminated room in the entire home.  So protect yourself by protecting your toothbrush……and quit the sharing!  Who Is The Best Dentist Near Me Linwood NJ 08221


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