Types of Mouthwashes Linwood NJ 08221

A Guide To Help You Choose The Best Mouthwash

All mouthwashes are not created equal.  There are several different types, all which perform a specific function.  Fluoride, cosmetic, antiseptic, herbal, and total care are the main categories.


Fluoride Mouthwash:  Sodium fluoride is the main ingredient.  Fluoride, which is what helps to strengthen the teeth and protect against tooth decay, is present in this mouthwash.  Fluoride is also found in toothpastes and your local water---so be careful when adding more fluoride to your dental routine. 


Cosmetic Mouthwash:  This type of mouthwash does not offer the same protection as the other rinses.  This is used primarily in helping to disguise bad breath.  This mouthwash can help to keep the teeth clean, but it will not help reduce any risk of developing tooth decay.


Antiseptic Mouthwash:  This mouthwash contains chlorhexidine gluconate.  This chemical can stop the growth of bacteria.  This is an ideal mouthwash for someone with a mouth infection.  It is also great for someone who suffers from halitosis (bad breath).  Antiseptic Mouthwash is also effective in helping to prevent the build up of plaque.  This mouthwash should be used in conjunction with brushing and flossing.  Types of Mouthwashes Linwood NJ 08221


Also, overuse of this product can cause discoloration of the teeth, especially when used over a long period of time.  If this happens though, your dentist will be able to easily treat it. 


Natural (Herbal) Mouthwash:  This is an alcohol-free, fluoride free mouthwash.  It works a lot like a conventional mouthwash.  Some prefer this method of making their own (pinch of salt with warm water) following procedures like tooth extraction.  This type of mouthwash can also treat mouth infection or injury. 


Total Care Mouthwash:  This mouthwash contains anti-bacterial ingredients.  Anti-bacterial can help reduce the build-up of plaque and also help prevent gum disease. Types of Mouthwashes Linwood NJ 08221


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