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Why Do I Get Canker Sores or Cold Sores


First off, lets make sure you understand the difference between the two.  Often times, people get them confused. 

A Canker Sore is a painful ulcer that can be found in the mouth.  Usually inside the cheeks, gum line, tongue, or inside the lip.  They can be very painful and last up to 10 days.  Canker Sores usually come back, often times in the same areas. 

Cold Sores are also painful.  They typically last 7 to 10 days, and can come on just like cold or flu symptoms. 


What actually causes canker sores is still a mystery.  But there are several things that contribute to their development.  Medications, trauma, malnutrition, stress, bacteria or viruses, lack of sleep/rest, fast weight loss, and foods can all contribute to developing a canker sore in your mouth. 

These sores are also related to a weakened immune system.  If you have experienced a cold or the flu, hormonal changes, or low vitamin b-12, you are more at risk to developing canker sores.  Sometimes accidentally biting the cheek or being jabbed in the cheek with a hard piece of food can trigger the growth of a canker sore.  Treatment for Fever Blister In Mouth Linwood NJ 08221

It is believed that canker sores may result from a genetic predisposition.  Canker sores are considered an autoimmune disease, but they are not contagious. 


Cold sores are brought on by a virus called herpes simplex type 1.  Cold Sores are contagious from the time the blister erupts on the lip until the time it has completely healed up.  The very first time you are infected with this virus, it presents like having the cold or flu and usually happens before adulthood.  Once you are infected with this virus, it will stay in your body and stay dormant until stress, fever, trauma, hormonal changes, or sun exposure happens. 

Fever blisters usually will come back to the same area.  Again, this virus is contagious and it can not only spread to other people, but also other areas of the body like the eyes or genitals.  Treatment for Fever Blister In Mouth Linwood NJ 08221

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