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Who Gets Cleft Lip or Cleft Palate

Cleft lip (with or without a cleft palate) affects one in every 700 babies yearly.  It is also the fourth most common birth defect in the United States but is found most often is children of Asian, Latino, or Native American decent.  Twice as many boys are affected by this than girls when it comes to cleft lip.  However, twice as many girls have cleft palate without a cleft lip. 

So what exactly is the difference?  While cleft lip and cleft palate are both oral malformations that occur very early in pregnancy, they are very different.  Clefting happens when there is not enough tissue in the mouth or lip area or the tissue that is there does not join together properly when the baby is forming in the mother’s womb.

A cleft lip is an actually physical split or separation of the two sides of the upper lip.  It also appears as a very narrow opening or gap in the skin of the upper lip.  The separation can also extend beyond the base of the nose.  The bones of the upper jaw and upper gum can also be split. 

A cleft palate is a split or an opening in the roof of the mouth (the palate).  The term cleft palate can involve the hard or soft palate of the mouth.  The hard palate is the bony portion of the roof of the mouth and the soft palate is the soft back portion of the roof of the mouth. 

The lip and the palate develop at different times in the womb, therefore having a cleft lip or cleft palate can happen on one or both sides of the mouth.  It is also possible to have just a cleft lip without a cleft palate, or vice versa. Treating Cleft Palates Linwood NJ 08221


Because this type of malformation involves the oral cavity, it will be treated and watched carefully by not only your child’s pediatrician and surgeon, but also a dentist and orthodontist.  Treating Cleft Palates Linwood NJ 08221

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