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Is the Tooth Fairy Real…….Answering the Tough Question!


This has always been a dilemma in my mind…….as a society we have created these magical creatures; Santa Clause, Easter Bunny… many more!  The tooth fairy, is a magical fairy that we have visit our home.  But I dread those questions, “Is the tooth fairy real?”  Should I keep it alive, or should I admit that it has always been me that slips the dollars under their pillow.  I don’t want to lie…..but I also want my kids to stay “kids” for as long as possible.  Obviously, as parents, the choice is completely ours, but if you need some help, take a look at some of these helpful hints!


Focus on the Meaning---Why do we as parents keep the tooth fairy alive?  Probably the main reason is she is depicted as a beautiful being who loves young children, and especially those pearly white and clean baby teeth. Sometimes it can be quite the ordeal losing those baby teeth, and somehow, she makes it a bit less frightening and must more magical. The idea we plant in their mind that she will come and bring them a reward for their lost teeth will hopefully encourage younger kids to always keep their teeth and mouth healthy and clean.  Tooth Fairy Ideas Linwood NJ 08221

If you opt to tell them the tooth fairy isn’t real, hopefully you will still talk to them about how to care for their teeth.  Brushing, and flossing can be fun, and getting new dental tools like a Dora the Explorer toothbrush or toothpaste can help make it so much more exciting.  If you choose to continue with the magical myth, then when the questions are asked, take the opportunity to talk about keeping the teeth strong and healthy. 

If your child asks that dreaded question, “is the tooth fairy real?”……act like a psychologist and answer with a question!  Something like “well what do you believe?”  If you take the opportunity to talk with your child you can then decide if it’s the right time to tell them the truth or continue the magical story. 

Bring on the Rewards---the whole reason for the tooth fairy is to help the kids feel good about losing their teeth.  How can you celebrate each tooth?  Make losing baby teeth just as magical as the tooth fairy would.  Maybe a new book, new toothbrush, their favorite meal, or a trip for ice cream are all great rewards.  When the adult teeth start to come in, talk about how important it is to be responsible for their oral health by brushing well and flossing every day.  Tooth Fairy Ideas Linwood NJ 08221


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