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Preparing Teeth For Whitening


Precautions should always be taken when whitening the teeth.  If there are dental issues, it can greatly affect the teeth, in a negative way.  Cavities need to be treated before steps are taken to whiten the teeth. 

If cavities are present, then during the whitening process, the solution can pass through the decayed area.  If the inner part of the tooth is reached, then that can cause further damage. 


The gums can pull away from the teeth, causing the roots to be exposed.  This may make the teeth look yellow or discolored.  Using whitening products will not help this to become whiter. 

If tooth decay or receding gums are an issue in the mouth, whitening can make the teeth very sensitive. 

If crowns or veneers are in the mouth, they are usually made with ceramic or porcelain, therefore they can not be whitened.

There are so many different types of whitening to choose from, and some can be done in the dental office or home.  If you choose to have whitening done in-office, the first step your dentist will take is photographing your teeth.  Doing this helps him monitor the progress of the whitening treatment.  He or she will also want to find out what has caused the staining, and maybe find ways to prevent it from happening again.  Teeth Whitening Kits Linwood NJ 08221

After photographing the teeth, a dental hygienist will clean the teeth.  This removes bacteria, food, and any other substance that has built up on the teeth.  After the cleaning, the whitening process can begin. 


If you choose to whiten at home, your dentist can fit you with trays that fit precisely, and the trays will be filled with whitening gel.  This gel will need to be applied for two or three weeks. 

Over-the-counter whitening kits can also be purchased.  They will also have trays that hold gel, or some come with whitening strips that will stick to the teeth instead. 

If you want to try an over-the-counter kit, talk to your dentist and find out which one he would recommend for your teeth.  Teeth Whitening Kits Linwood NJ 08221

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