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Space Maintainer For Children


Space maintainers usually aren’t something kids will need to have unless they have lost a tooth early or have baby teeth that had to be removed because of dental decay.  If this has happened, realize that having a space maintainer is beneficial and it can help support your child’s dental health.

Space maintainers are custom made by your dentist or orthodontist, and either acrylic or metal material is used.  Maintainers can either be removable, or cemented in place.  The whole reason a space maintainer may be suggested is to keep the spaces open which will allow the permanent teeth to grow through the gums in the right place.  The baby teeth are not only important for learning to chew and speak, they also function as a guide for the permanent teeth.  When the baby teeth come out to early, and the space is not maintained, all the teeth in the mouth can shift into that space, and then braces will be needed.  Space Maintainers Linwood NJ 08221

It is important to realize that not every child that looses a tooth early has to have space maintainer.  But if this happens, make sure to contact your dentist or orthodontist and have the child evaluated. 

A removable space maintainer is very similar to an orthodontic retainer.  It is most often made from acrylic.  Sometimes even an artificial tooth is used to fill in that space. 

A fixed space maintainer is available in four different options; unilateral, crown and loop, distal shoe, and lingual.  Space Maintainers Linwood NJ 08221

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