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Flossing aids

If you regularly go to the dentist, they will be able to tell by giving you a dental examine and also letting the dental hygienist clean your teeth, if you floss. Flossing can be very difficult for some, especially children, but even adults who have not made it an everyday habit.


On the market today there are flossing aids available to anyone who might find flossing awkward or even difficult.  There are several aids available that are designed specifically to make flossing easier to do.  This include: vibrating dental flosser, flossing stick, and a dental floss holder.   

A vibrating flosser is very simple to use and also has an additional benefit; massaging your gums all at the same time.  A vibrating flosser is more expensive than just using a conventional flosser. Scope Mouthwash Flavors Linwood NJ 08221


There is also a floss holder on the market.  It looks like a “Y” and is very effective in holding the floss so that the teeth can be easily cleaned.  The floss simply attaches to the holder and is used just like your hands would handle the floss. They come in a variety of different sizes---some with a shorter handle, which may be more difficult to use.  Dental flossers are an ideal choice for anyone with dental implants, bridges, orthodontic braces, or even crowns. 

Flossing sticks are also available, and they really look just like a common garden stick.  The floss needs to be wound very tightly onto the stick.  The tighter the floss, the more effective the flossing stick will be. 


There are few alternatives to floss, and not are as good as accessing the tricky areas between the teeth and gum line.  Toothpicks are available, along with an interdental brush.  Scope Mouthwash Flavors Linwood NJ 08221


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