Preventing & Curing Bad Breath Linwood, NJ 08221

We can go round and round debating about the most effective bad breath remedies, but when it comes down to it, the basics are still your top notch, best bet. We’ve had the answers since we were young: Brush, floss, rinse. Repeat. That’s the formula.
In order to have the best shot and preventing and curing bad breath from your daily dental health habits, be sure to follow these tips:
-  Brush your teeth for TWO minutes twice a day. Not 60 seconds, not a minute and 45 seconds, and not 5 minutes. No. Two minutes twice a day!
-  Once you’ve given proper attention to your teeth, shift gears to your tongue. Keeping your tongue free of bacteria is just as important, if not more in respect to eliminating bad breath. Pay extra effort to the back of your tongue, where a majority of odor-inducing bacteria hang out.
-  Next, whip out that floss. While it can be tedious, you’ll be happy you did in the long run! Flossing helps remove the food remnants sometimes left behind, despite your impeccable brushing skills. Even when the back teeth can be a bit tough to reach, a floss holder allows your reach to extend back there and give those back teeth the same attention as the front. After all, it’s not their fault they’re back there!
-  Lastly, finish up your dental hygiene domination with a crisp, refreshing mouthwash. Ideally, use a mouthwash whose primary goal is the wipe away that wholly unwanted bad breath.
Aside from your bi-daily dental health routine, there are things you can do throughout the day to assist with preventing and curing bad breath.  Make sure you drink lots of water so that your body stays hydrated. Also, consider picking up a pack of sugarless gum to munch on, that way your saliva production is stimulated. Lastly, drinking alcohol or smoking can contribute to bad breath, so consider limiting your intake on those as well.
Keep in mind that chronic bad breath could possibly be an indication of something a bit more serious. So., if you just can’t seem to kick it, it can’t hurt to make a visit to your dental and/or medical professional!
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