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Pregnancy & Dental Work

Questions about the two are very common for expectant mothers.  Having a dental cleaning and exam during pregnancy is not only completely safe, but extremely recommended.  When pregnancy happens, the hormonal levels in the body rise.  This can cause the gums to swell, bleed…..and food can become trapped rather easily, which causes irritation to the gums.


Preventive dental work while pregnant is a must to help avoid any oral infections like gum disease.  Gum disease has been linked to preterm birth.


The question is, what about any other regular dental work while pregnant.  There are obviously so many treatments, but things like cavity fillings and crowns need to be treated.  This will help prevent infections from occurring.  When dental work is done during pregnancy, the ideal time is during the second trimester.  Once the third trimester has arrived, it can be very difficult for expectant mothers to lie on their back for longer periods of time. 


Because of that, the safest things to do is to postpone all unnecessary treatments until after the birth of the baby. New Jersey Top Dentist Linwood 08221


If emergency dental work is needed like a root canal or tooth extraction, then it should be done.  But things that are elective such as teeth whitening or any other cosmetic procedures, should not happen until after the birth.  Avoid any cosmetic procedure while pregnant---the risk is minimal, but better to be safe than sorry.


Often times medications are necessary if dental work is needed.  Currently, there are studies available, but are conflicting as to whether there is possible adverse effects on the baby developing because of medications used during dental work. 

Lidocaine is used most often for dental work, however, Lidocaine is a category B drug, which means it does cross the placenta after it is administered.  New Jersey Top Dentist Linwood 08221


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