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If you ask a patient about their favorite type of orthodontic braces, chances are…..the orthodontist won’t agree that it’s their favorite device as well!  The public’s attitude about which braces are attractive are very different from Orthodontics. 

Dr. Henry Fields, a professor of orthodontics at Ohio State University, conducted a survey to study what the public’s attitude was about the various styles of braces.  They survey results were that dental appliances that has zero metal visibility were considered the most attractive.  When braces combined the clear ceramic brackets along with the thin metal or clear wires were less desirable.  The least rated appliances were the braces with metal brackets and metal wires. 

According to Dr. Fields, the more aesthetic dental appliances are, the more difficult they are for orthodontists to manage.  But, people like the more aesthetic braces the best. 

Dr. Fields has said that the attractiveness of appliances is a universal feeling.  The lowest ranked, stainless steel, is the most durable and efficient form of braces.  They do not wear out and orthodontists have better control with them.  New Jersey Linwood Dentist 08221

Tray braces, or clear aligners, are the most aesthetic appealing, but they have limits to what movement they can make, and efficiency as well.  Ceramics also can have breakage problems, and are far more delicate than stainless steel. 

According to Dr. Fields, adults make up about one in four patients who are fitted with braces. 


The good news is, with so many options and the ever changing orthodontic world, there seems to be a good fit for whoever is in need of braces. New Jersey Linwood Dentist 08221 


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