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Alzheimer’s and Dental Health


When an Alzheimer’s patient has dental health problems, they will experience pain.  This pain can be an unmanageable behavior and lead to them having to undergo extensive dental treatment.  The sad part is, often times the dental needs of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s is overlooked.  Usually this is because the patient forgets and neglects their teeth, medications can cause dry mouth which leads to tooth decay, and families lose contact with the dentist because their primary focus is other health issues. 

For an Alzheimer’s patient, good dental health will make eating and digesting food so much easier, and will also improve their overall quality of life.  If you care for someone with Alzheimer’s, here are some great tips and techniques to help assist you in maintaining good oral health. New Jersey Family Dentist Near Me Linwood 08221

  1.  Brush twice a day:  You do not want cleaning the teeth to feel like a chore, so find a toothbrush that the patient can manage easily and that is also easy for you (as the caregiver) to use if they need assistance.  An electric toothbrush may be the best choice, as long as the patient can tolerate the vibrating sensation.  If toothpaste makes it more difficult, it is okay to omit it.  Instead, ask a dentist if they can use a fluoride gel or rinse to help keep the tooth enamel strong. 
  2. Floss once a day:  Use a floss holder for those who do not have good finer dexterity.  There are also picks and sticks for those patients that clench the teeth.  Also, ask the dentist about possibly using an anti-microbial solution to help protect the gums.  New Jersey Family Dentist Near Me Linwood 08221

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