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What Does Your Tongue Say About You? (cont’d)


  1. Red Lumps

Not canker sores.  Canker sores will disappear.  If you have large, long-term red lumps on the tongue, this may be a sign of tongue cancer.  Your doctor should be seen immediately if you experience this problem.  The most common cause is by the use of tobacco, but it also can generate from the HPV virus. 

  1. Wrinkles/Tears

Not a huge, immediate threat.  Your body will age, and that means the tongue will age as well.  It is SO important to practice good oral hygiene.  When poor hygiene is practiced, an infection can become present in the wrinkles.  The side effects?  Pain, burning, and even  a bad smell.  If an infection is present, an anti-fungal medication will be needed to help resolve the issue. 

  1. Cherry Red

A smooth, bright red tongue can mean that your body is lacking certain vitamins, particularly iron and B12.  A vitamin deficiency will cause you to lose the papillae on the tongue, and that is what creates a bright red tongue.  If you are a vegetarian, this is something that is commonly experienced because they lack certain vitamins that are only found in meat.  Ask your doctor if you would be a good candidate for supplemental vitamins. New Jersey Family Dentist Linwood 08221

  1.  Burning Sensation

This can happen to anyone; burning tongue syndrome.  Most of the time, however, it is found in women.  The tongue can appear normal, but there is a burning sensation that is extremely discomforting.  The culprit?  Usually hormonal imbalance or changes in the hormones.  But, this also can happen if there is an allergy to the toothpaste you are using.  If you experience this type of pain, see your doctor right away.  It can be treated with an antibiotic mouthwash.  New Jersey Family Dentist Linwood 08221

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