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Soda & Teeth

I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times from parents, grandparents, coworkers, and even your dentist, “quit drinking that soda… will rot your teeth away”.  Let’s jump into why!


Sugar in soda can for sure damage your teeth……but it’s not just the sugar (and really, not the one that causes the major damage).  Soda also has acids and preservatives that play a huge role in eroding the tooth enamel.  Think your okay because you drink diet soda?  Think again! 

When you consume acid of any form, the pH of saliva in your mouth is lowered.  This allows bacteria to multiply on the surface of the teeth, causing erosion. 


The enamel is the outer layer of our teeth.  It is the hardest part and protects the dentin and pulp of the tooth.  Like most any surface, it can be worn down over time.  Saliva is needed to help keep the enamel strong.  Saliva also contains calcium and phosphate…….which is essential in strengthening the tooth’s enamel.  Saliva also is great at keeping the mouth clean and washing away the acidic plaque that forms on the tooth’s enamel.  Soda contains phosphate and citric acid, but which weaken the tooth’s enamel.  New Jersey Best Dentist 08221 Linwood


When the enamel of the tooth becomes weak, the plaque that has built up on the teeth is able to reach the inner layers of the teeth much more easily.  This is how cavities are formed. 

Soda that contains a lot of sugar pack and even bigger punch to the teeth.  Not only does it weaken the enamel, but then the higher sugar content can easily penetrate the tooth.  Diet sodas also will weaken the tooth enamel. 

When the enamel on a tooth is damaged, you can tell.  They are no longer white, can look translucent around the edges, or even can yellow.  Often times the chewing surface of the tooth can look dented, round, or even uneven.  When the enamel is weakened, you also can feel more pain, tingling, or even discomfort with chewing and drinking hot and cold liquids.  New Jersey Best Dentist 08221 Linwood


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