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Cleft Lip and Palate

When it comes to the dental world, people often think of just “teeth”.  But the thing is, dentists deal with more than just teeth.  They deal with the entire mouth! 


The word “cleft” means a split or divide.  So when we are talking about a “cleft lip” or “cleft palate”, this means there is a divide in either one.  Children can be born with a variety of cleft types and how severe it is will vary.  When it is a cleft lip, there will be a separation of the sides of the upper lip.  This separation usually includes bones from the upper jaw/gum.  When there is a cleft palate, this is an opening in the roof of the mouth.  There is a hard palate and a soft palate, so when a cleft palate is present, this means the two sides of the palate did not join together while the baby was developing.  The lip and the palate develop separately, so it is very possible for a child to just have one issue….or both. 

There is also something called a submucous cleft palate.  This this cleft palate, the the muscle and/or bone of the roof of the mouth is covered by a mucous membrane.  This will make it more difficult to see the cleft when looking in the mouth.  Some children will show signs of a submucous cleft palate (bifid uvula, midline groove of the hard palate or a nasal sounding speech) but some children show no signs.  Treating this type of cleft palate is quite variable. New Jersey 08221 Dentist in Linwood


When a cleft palate or lip is diagnosed, it is usually because a doctor sees it at birth.  Sometimes a cleft lip can be seen before birth on an ultrasound.  If a cleft palate is present, often times it isn’t noticed until the baby has trouble feeding.  Cleft palates make it difficult for a baby to suck---and it can take a long time for feedings.  Milk can come out of the child’s nose. New Jersey 08221 Dentist in Linwood


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