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Swollen Gums & Braces

A person who receives orthodontic care may find that they have swollen gums while having braces.  Swelling may be more pronounced than you may think, and finding relief and comfort may be a concern.  But don’t worry, irritation and soreness when braces are first applied, is completely normal. 

Swollen gums, especially if there has been a period with no pain, is a sign of other problems.  Take a look at what will cause swollen gums when wearing orthodontic appliances, and also how to care for it. 


Soreness is Normal

It is very normal to feel some pain in the mouth after having braces or having any other adjustment.  The teeth and jaw are working overtime to create a new smile.  The bone will dissolve, new bone forms while the teeth are being repositioned.  This causes tension and pressure.  The discomfort is normal, especially when they are first put on or when the braces are tightened.  The discomfort usually lasts 2 to 3 days.  But if the gums are swollen over time, this may point to a problem that is unrelated to the initial wear of the appliances. New Jersey 08221 Dentist Linwood

Gingivitis from Hidden Plaque

When plaque builds up on the teeth, gingivitis will occur.  When braces are on the teeth, it can make it much more difficult to reach debris.  When foot gets trapped in the gums, it will cause a build up and over time, the result will be gum inflammation.  It is very important for your overall health and the health of your mouth to remain diligent with your oral care, especially if you have braces. 

In order to help with swelling, make sure you are brushing properly and also have the proper cleaning tools to help clean the mouth and teeth thoroughly despite having braces.  New Jersey 08221 Dentist Linwood


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