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When Your Child’s Tooth Takes A Hard Knock


Just like a broken bone is not “far fetched” for a child, neither is a knocked out tooth!  Here’s what you need to know if it happens to your child! 

My child's tooth was knocked out. What should I do?

First things first, check out their mouth and assess the injury.  If it seems serious, meaning more than just a knocked out tooth, then you need to consider taking your child to the hospital so that a doctor can examine the face, mouth, and gums.  If the injury is just a knocked out or loose tooth, then seeing a dentist is the route to go. 

What if a baby tooth is knocked loose but not completely out?

If the baby tooth is knocked loose, call your dentist to see what you should do.  The dentist will most likely advise the child to eat a soft diet for a couple of days to see if the tooth can re-implant into the jawbone.  If it seems a bit more severe, your dentist may want to do an xray.  This is just a precautionary measure to help determine if a nerve or secondary tooth is damaged. 

What if a baby tooth is knocked out completely?

If this happens, do not be to alarmed.  For a child to lose one or more front baby teeth may result in the child having a temporary lisp, but permanent effect on speech development is not a concern. 

What if a permanent tooth is knocked out?

Call your dentist as soon as possible for an emergency appointment.  It is critical to get the child and the tooth to the dentist within 30 minutes of the accident.  It is a possibility for your dentist to successfully re-implant the tooth.  The tooth needs to be in good condition and receive care immediately to help have a successful re-implantation.  Follow these steps before the appointment:  NJ Linwood Child Friendly Dentist Near Me 08221

·          Find the tooth

·         Rinse it lightly with water to clean off any debris.  Do not scrub—this can damage root cells that are needed to re-implant.

·         Keep the tooth moist.  If the child is old enough, have them place it between the cheek and gum.  If there is a risk of swallowing, wrap it in a clean cloth that is soaked in milk, salt water, or tap water.  NJ Linwood Child Friendly Dentist Near Me 08221


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