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Alzheimer’s & Dental Health (cont’d)

This article is a continuation of Alzheimer’s and Dental Health.  In the previous article, there are more great tips to help you, as the caregiver, support and care for your loved one dealing with Alzheimer’s.  For an Alzheimer’s patient, it is best to really focus on their dental health.  When they start to experience dental pain, it can quickly become and unmanageable behavior and lead to more costly dental procedures.  Here are a couple more tips to consider: 


  1. Clean the Mouth/Dentures after every meal:  Some Alzheimer’s patients have difficulty swallowing.  Make sure their mouth is clear of any remaining food and have them rinse after each meal.  Remove dentures for cleaning after every meal.  Make sure to use a toothbrush that has soft bristles and gently brush the gums/roof of the mouth.  NJ Family Dentist Linwood 08221
  2. Visually inspect the teeth and gums:  Once a month, take the time to really look at their teeth and gums.  Ask them if they have any issues or areas that are bothering them.  If the gums bleed easily or are swollen, try to get them to a dentist to be evaluated. 

Schedule regular dental visits:  When a patient is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it is important for you to schedule those regular visits.  Make sure you keep a current list of all their medications, and bring that list to every visit.  If they have difficulty or any pain when chewing or have bad breath, see a dentist as soon as possible.  NJ Family Dentist Linwood 08221


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