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Fighting Against Gum Disease

In the United States, there over 75% of people over the age of 35 who are battling some form of gum disease.  When gum disease first sets in, the gums can become swollen and bleed easily.  Gum disease at its worst means possibly losing your teeth.  All of that to say, if you want to keep your teeth, you MUST take care of them and your gums. 

The mouth is a very busy place, and the bacteria in your mouth is constantly on the move.  Most of the bacteria in the mouth is harmless, but there is also bacteria present that will attack the gums and teeth.  The harmful bacteria contains a colorless, sticky film called plaque---the destroyer of teeth and gums.  If the plaque is not removed, it will build up on the teeth, irritate the gums causing them to bleed.  If left unchecked, the bone and connective tissue will be destroyed---the teeth become loose, and most likely will have to be removed. NJ 08221 dentist Linwood


There was a poll done recently  of people over the age of 35, and out of the 1000 people who were surveyed, 60% of the adults knew very little, if anything at all, about gum disease.  They knew nothing about symptoms, the available treatments, and most importantly, the consequence of gum disease. 

Thirty-nine percent of the 1000 do not visit the dentist regularly, but gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. 

In a 2000 Surgeon General Report, American’s bad oral health care was labeled a “silent epidemic”. NJ 08221 dentist Linwood


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