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Teeth whitening is a very simple dental procedure that can enhance the beauty of your smile --the procedure is non-invasive and targets the enamel of the teeth in an effort to lighten the color. 
Because appearance is so important --now more than ever-- and the first thing many people notice is a person's smile , it is only natural that a whiter smile would be one of the most popular aesthetic options from cosmetic dentistry. 
Some popular methods of teeth whitening are available in a DIY package sold in a wide variety of outlets. Because these techniques only work on natural enamels it is best to consider replacing any caps, crowns, fillings or other dental implements in order to get the most from your experience.  
Of course it would be a good idea to have the replacements done after your bleaching process in order to achieve a uniform color tone between teeth and implant restorations. 
the process is not permanent and it should be done sporadically to maintain the beauty of your smile. This is especially true for those who enjoy drinking red wines and coffee frequently or those who smoke --such habits can leave their mark on your pearly whites.  
The Teeth Whitening Process
The tooth whitening process involves the development of a custom-fit tray that will fit over your teeth --this tray will contain the whitening solution and must be worn consistently as the dentist specifies.  
The procedure will be done in a few steps; your first visit will be to take measurements and impressions of your teeth in order to form these trays. the second trip to the dentist will be to be given the implements and explained the procedures necessary to achieve optimal results. 
It is normal to feel some initial sensitivity to the whitening process --but it is not severe and will subside in time. 
Local Dentist in Linwood NJ

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