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Teeth Cleaning Process

Having your teeth cleaned is essential….not only so that your teeth are clean, but also so that your body is healthy as well.  This is a very routine visit, but maybe it isn’t part of your routine?  Here are a couple of things you need to know and what you should expect when you go to have your teeth cleaned.

Before you even go the most important thing to realize is that your mouth is connected to the rest of your body---it’s not something we should treat differently.  Often times problems in the mouth can cause and even act as an indicator for certain diseases that may be prevalent somewhere else in your body……dementia and heart disease are a few examples.

First things first, find out what your Family History is, when it comes to medical things.  You need to know if cancer or heart disease is in the family genes---your doctor will ask.  He will also want to know if anyone in the family suffers from gum disease---you need to know what type and the severity of it. Linwood NJ Dentist Near Me 08221

Gum Disease carries a strong genetic predilection—so knowing this will help your dentist with your overall dental care. 

Secondly, everyone has bacteria in their mouth.  There are some dental treatments that are done that will allow the bacteria to enter the bloodstream.  In most cases, this is not an issue—as long as you have a healthy immune system.  Every time the teeth are cleaned, you can expect that some bacteria will enter the bloodstream.  Again, this is to be expected and is quite normal.  However, if your body is unhealthy and your immune system is weakened, the dentist may want to give you an antibiotic to keep infection away.  Linwood NJ Dentist Near Me 08221


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