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Why is Having the Teeth Cleaned Necessary?

Our teeth need to be cleaned for two reasons: to prevent diseases from growing in the rest of our body (heart disease/dementia/diabetes) AND to prevent tooth loss. We are going to discuss the first reason. 

Even though our mouth is a part of our body, it is quite different from the rest of the body—and quite frankly, it takes a pretty nasty beating from all the food we eat, the talking we do, and even the foreign objects (like our hands) that enter it.  This unique environment needs extra special care.

When the teeth are cleaned, the buildup of plaque and tartar are removed.  Having buildup is quite natural, and there is really nothing you can do to prevent build up….but when you have to much build up and it isn’t removed, that is what will lead to gum disease.    Linwood NJ Best Dentist 08221

Tartar has to be removed.  If it is not, the body views it as a foreign invader.  Because of this, your body will send it’s own “troops” to fight……so there is a battle pretty much happening in your mouth, 24-7.  When the teeth are cleaned, it levels the playing field and helps keep things in check. 

When gum disease is prevalent, the body’s immune system is responding to the tartar build up in the mouth----hence, the redness, swelling, inflammation, and bleeding gums.  When gum disease is not treated, the bone and tissue in the mouth can be destroyed. 

Our bodies are designed to fight off infections for short periods of time.  When there is a chronic problem, our immune system can’t handle it. When our immune system gives us, this leads to disease in the rest of the body. Linwood NJ Best Dentist 08221


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