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Process of Debridement

If the term “Debridement” has been thrown around the dental office, you may be curious about what exactly it is……and what the process is.  Debridement requires removing excess amounts of plaque and tartar from the teeth. 

This treatment is done on people who have heavy plaque and tartar on their teeth; it’s been building up for a while.  In most cases, this happens because they have failed to visit the dentist in several years.  The plaque and tartar can build up so heavily on the teeth, that it makes it nearly impossible for the dentist to even see the teeth during exam.  In order for an exam to happen, your dentist will recommend the plaque and tarter be removed through debridement. 

If you know you are sensitive to pain, or are afraid you might be, local anesthesia can be administered for this procedure.  Some people may require or want sedation, like nitrous oxide.  Usually if the tartar and plaque has accumulated this bad, often it is because people have some sort of dental phobia.  If that’s the case, anesthesia or sedation may be what is necessary for them to feel comfortable. Linwood NJ 08221 dentist

Debridement uses several dental instruments; hand, and also ultrasonic devices.  The device will use water along with high-frequency vibration to help dislodge the plaque and tarter from teeth.

When a person requires debridement, usually this is just the first phase of periodontal treatment that is needed.  You dentist will want to evaluate you after debridement has taken place to help determine what therapy would be next---some options may be scaling or root planing…..or even periodontal surgery.    Linwood NJ 08221 dentist


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