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What Does Your Tongue Say About You?

Everyone’s tongue is different…….but have you ever noticed any weird coloration or texture to the tongue?  You may not think much about it, but, your tongue can give you a lot on insight into your oral and overall health!  Certain conditions may be able to be prevented if caught early, so start paying attention to your tongue! 

  1.  Black or Brown Fuzz

Fuzz can mean that you do not practice good oral hygiene.  The tongue has papillae all over it.  These are small bumps that will grow throughout your lifetime.  When proper oral hygiene is not practiced, the papillae can become overgrown and will attract bacteria to the tongue.  The bumps can be discolored by food, smoking, drinking soda, tea, and coffee.  If proper oral hygiene is practiced like brushing the tongue and getting rid of some of those bad habits, your tongue can regain its health back! Linwood Family Dentist NJ 08221

  1. White Cottage Cheese

Seeing this on the tongue?  Then you may have a yeast infection, also known as thrush.  The tongue will look like it has lumpy “cottage cheese” on it.  The tongue naturally has bacteria and yeast on it, but a weakened immune system can increase the likelihood of a build-up of yeast.  Taking antibiotics can cause this, also, children, the elderly, diabetics, and chemotherapy patients are the most common to experience thrush.  With thrush, a bad taste in the mouth may be present, and possibly a small amount of pain.  Over-the-counter drugs will not help with thrush. Linwood Family Dentist NJ 08221

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