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Do Children Need Root Canals?

When a child’s tooth becomes damaged, a dentist may recommend a root canal.  During this procedure, the pulp that is damaged inside the tooth will be replaced so that further tooth decay is prevented and the tooth can continue to function normally.  Root canals in children might seem over the top, but it is actually a fairly routine procedure that can help to save a child’s smile. 


Root Canal for Permanent Teeth

When children or teenagers have their adult/permanent teeth in place, a root canal may be necessary if bacteria or decay has infected the tooth’s center (pulp).  An infection can permanently damage the child’s teeth if it is not properly treated---so seeking help as soon as possible is a must.  Here are some signs and symptoms to be on the lookout for:

  •  Sharp pain in the teeth, or a toothache
  • Teeth are sensitive to hot or cold food or drinks
  • A tooth is broken and the root/nerve has become exposed  Linwood Best Dentist NJ 08221

If a child starts to complain about one or more of these symptoms, taking them to the dentist immediately can help the dentist get a better chance of stopping the problem before it spreads any farther. 


Root Canals for Baby Teeth

For a younger child who still has the primary (baby) teeth, a root canal will be recommended unless the tooth is ready to fall out on its own.  If the tooth, however, does not receive a root canal and then has to be removed, sometimes problems with the new adult teeth can occur, especially when they are coming in.  Linwood Best Dentist NJ 08221


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