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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ’s & Cost

Sound simple enough, but the thing is, cosmetic dentistry costs will vary quite a bit.  Good news is, depending on what cosmetic procedure you are looking to have done, you will be able to find an approximate cost.  Here is an example:  A professional in-office teeth whitening can cost anywhere from $450 to $650.  But if you were to buy an over-the-counter whitening kit, that range will be anywhere from $4 to $100. 

Most of the time, dental insurance will not cover any cosmetic dentistry.  There are some dental plans that may cover part of certain procedures, like crowns, especially if the purpose of the crown is to repair a structural problem that could affect the health of your mouth.  Functional and restorative dentistry usually will be covered in part by insurance—but cosmetic dentistry is very rarely covered. 

When treatment is not covered by your dental policy, or if no insurance is where you are at, sometimes there are 3rd party financing companies like Care Credit or Capital One, that you can turn to.  If a person qualifies, the financing company will help develop a monthly plan that fits a person’s budget.   Linwood 08221 Top Dentist New Jersey

Now since we already talked about the costs of teeth whitening……..we might as well talk about what causes discoloration of the teeth! 

The color of the teeth will change, discoloration, as a person ages. That is completely normal.  When we age, the enamel begins to wear down, and the teeth will take on a dull appearance.  The teeth can also become discolored if a person smokes or drinks a heavy amount of coffee or tea. 

Medications, well the side-effects of them, can also contribute to teeth discoloration as well as a person’s genetic makeup.  If a person consumes to much fluoride, it also will cause the teeth to become discolored. 

Having the teeth whitened or having veneers placed is a cosmetic dentistry solution some people with discolored or dull-looking teeth may consider.  Linwood 08221 Top Dentist New Jersey


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