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Things to Consider with Cosmetic Dentistry

When the teeth become dull-looking or discolored, it is time to consider what your options may be to restore your smile.  There are some over-the-counter products that can work, if the problem is very small.  But, if the teeth are very discolored, it may be best to consult your dentist about in-office teeth whitening, or even dental veneers.


One of the biggest concerns patients have with teeth whitening is knowing whether or not there are side effects.  Any reputable dentist will always take protective measures to help prevent discomfort during a teeth whitening procedure.  Usually a protective gel or shield will be used to prevent the bleaching agent from damaging the gums.  The most common bleaching agents used are approved for us by the American Dental Association.  This ensures not only the safety of it, but also the effectiveness.  When the whitening procedure is complete, there may be minimal tooth sensitivity.  This should only last a short period of time.  Linwood 08221 Dentist Near Me New Jersey


Another question asked is, “Will teeth-whitening work for me”.  Well, the thing is, it doesn’t work for everyone.  If the teeth are severely discolored, having the teeth whitened may not give the result of a bright, white smile.  If your teeth are severely discolored, then you may want to discuss other options like porcelain veneers or even composite bonding. 


Now onto Veneers.  There are things to consider when it comes to veneers.  What is your end goal?  If it is the color of your teeth, chances are veneers still may not be the best option.  Most veneers today are ultra-thin, pretty much translucent.  So, any major discoloration may show through.  Sometimes teeth-whitening is recommended first, then veneers.  Veneers do a have a natural tooth-like appearance and before veneers are placed, they will match any remaining teeth.  Texture can even be applied to the veneer surface to create an even more natural look.  Linwood 08221 Dentist Near Me New Jersey


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