Is it Safe to have An X-Ray Linwood NJ 08221

Benefits of X-Rays Outweigh Risks

Nervous about having repeated X-rays done?  So many things in today's world we hear of, are causing cancer or can possibly elevate our risk for cancer.  If we let it, it can keep us from wanting any medical attention done!  

So, should you have dental X-rays?  Is it really that important?  The American Dental Association thinks so.  The American Dental Association recommends that dentist should really consider exposure risk in diagnosing oral diseases and conditions.  There is risk in everything we do.  The ADA has advised Dentists to weigh the benefits of taking dental x-rays against the risk of exposing patients.  Dentist should know the patients history and if they are vulnerable to oral issues and diseases.  
The National Academy of Sciences recently concluded that low-doses of radiation from dental and medical x-rays pose some risk for cancer but should in no way prohibit those from seeking X-rays altogether.  The risk is small.  

While having the Dentist exam your oral cavity is a must, unfortunately not every problem is visible to the eye.  It takes x-rays to to see between the teeth or below existing fillings, abscesses or cysts, infections below the gum and periodontal disease, or problems with teeth that have yet to reach the surface.  

Is it Safe to have An X-Ray Linwood NJ 08221 Always make sure to explain your health history to any Medical Professional.  After a health evaluation and history has taken place, your dentist will examine your mouth and then decide whether you need X-rays and what type would be most beneficial to you.  

Is it Safe to have An X-Ray Linwood NJ 08221

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