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Having a Healthy Mouth is a MUST


Your mouth will stay with you, well, a lifetime.  And if you are lucky, so will your teeth!  If you follow these basic dental tips, it will go a long way in preserving that beautiful smile!


*Don’t skip those routine dental visits!  Make sure you are going as often as recommended

*If you are housebound, or know someone who is….that is still not a reason to skip out!  Did you know that some dentists offer home visits? 

*Nerves keeping you away?  Tell your dentist!  There are options available to you to improve your treatment and make the experience much better.

*Dental Anxiety?  Again, tell your dental professional!  Maybe take a friend with you for support or pop in some earphones and listen to music.  Either one of these options will help you to focus on something else besides the dental procedure. 

*During your routine dental exam, your dentist will do a visual of your mouth….checking for any warning signs of cancer!  Always better to stay on top of your oral health! 

*At your dental exam, the best advice can sometimes come from our hygienist!  They are able to give you excellent tips to help prevent any dental problems. 

*If you don’t have a toothbrush handy or mouthwash, chewing sugar-free gum after eating and drinking can go a long way in helping to protect your teeth and gums!  Why?  Chewing gum produces extra saliva!  Extra saliva rinses your mouth!  Healthy Diet Linwood NJ 08221

*Timing when you brush is critical.  Wait an hour after eating or drinking anything.  The enamel on the teeth is softened when you eat or drink, and if you brush it while it is soft, you may be brushing away tiny particles of the enamel! 

*Take vitamins and each a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals; fresh fruit, fresh veggies…..all will go a long way in preventing gum disease! 

*Cheese for dessert?  YES!  If you eat a cube of cheese, it is a great and tasty way to reduce the effect acid has on your teeth! 

*While snacking is great to keep your weight down, its not so great for your teeth.  Everytime you eat carbs or sugary foods your teeth come under attack.  It is best to eat those snacks/drinks all at mealtime, instead of several times throughout the day.  Healthy Diet Linwood NJ 08221


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