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Bad Habits That Ruin Your Teeth


Sometimes you can think you are doing everything right when it comes to your oral hygiene.  You may be brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and making sure to visit your dentist regularly.  But did you know there are probably things you are doing daily that are harming your teeth? 


Chewing on Ice:  No calories, right?  So it may be your go to “snack” when you are just wanting something……harmless right?  Nope!  Munching on hard, frozen ice cubes can chip your teeth, or possibly even crack them.  Sometimes the chomping will even irritate the soft tissue in the tooth, and toothaches may occur.  Eating hot foods or cold foods can make you feel a sharp pain or even a toothache that just wont go away.  So next time you want to chew on some ice, maybe opt for some sugar-free gum instead.  Good Oral Hygiene Linwood NJ 08221


Not Wearing a Mouth Guard during Sports:  It really doesn’t matter what sport you are playing…, hockey…..any sport that involves contact, failing to wear a mouth guard is not a good idea.  As crazy as a it sounds, this piece of plastic that molds around the upper teeth, it a must.  If you fail to wear one during contact sports, it is very likely that you may chip a tooth, or even have a tooth get knocked out.  Purchasing a mouth guard is simple, or you can even have your dentist make you a custom fit one. 


Bottles at Bedtime:  Your little one may not even have teeth yet, so you aren’t even thinking of the harm that can happen.  But giving a baby a bottle filled with juice, milk, or formula can not only hurt their newly erupted baby teeth, but also the teeth that have yet to erupt through the gums.  When a baby becomes used to going to sleep with a bottle in their mouth, the sugar that is in the liquid just sits in their mouth overnight.  So keep the bottle out of the crib, or put only water in it.  Good Oral Hygiene Linwood NJ 08221


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