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Types of Dental Floss

If you do not floss regularly, chances are you have no idea what types of floss is available to you on the market.  It’s easy to just assume there is one kind…..but that, my friend, is wrong.  There are SEVERAL different types of dental floss:  Waxed/Unwaxed, Teflon, Thread, Flavored/Unflavored, and Tape.  While they are uniquely different, they do all have something in common: they are soft and very easy to use. 

Waxed/Unwaxed Floss:  Most dentists prefer unwaxed floss---they believe it absorbs food particles better than the waxed floss.  They believe the waxed dental floss leaves behind a film on the teeth, and this film is magnet for plaque. 

Patients that use wax floss often feel that it moves more easily between the teeth, and is smoother feeling.  Wax floss doesn’t fray as easily, nor catch on the rough edges of the teeth. 

Teflon Floss:  Made of Teflon, it is known to not stick in between the teeth.  If it does, it will come off very easily.  This type of floss is geared towards people who are reluctant to floss.  It is made from shed-resistant materials and seems to be stronger and more durable than other types of floss on the market.  It glides very easily between the teeth. Flavored Mouthwash Linwood NJ 08221

Thread Floss:  This type of floss is made from nylon and works just like any other type that is on the market.

Flavored/Unflavored Floss:  Flavored floss seems to be more pleasant to use—it will leave a nice, clean taste in the mouth with either mint or cinnamon.  There is also floss that is coated in fluoride which when used can help protect the teeth from decay.  Unflavored……..is just as the name says it is! 

Tape Floss: Also known as dental tape, it is much thicker than regular floss and is preferred by people who have wider spaces in between the teeth.  This type of floss is ideal for those also who are new to using floss, as it does not break or fray easily.  Flavored Mouthwash Linwood NJ 08221


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