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Black Hairy Tongues Do Exist

The tongue is something we all have, unless we have experiences a trauma. It is a necessity in life, allowing us not only to taste food and drinks, but to be able to speak and swallow.  Tongues can range in size, thickness, and even color.  A healthy tongue should appear pink and have small nodules on it.  Occasionally issues will arise that will cause the tongue to change colors, and yes......appear to grow things on it.  Lets take a look at one of these possibilities.  

We've all heard of people having possibly a red tongue.........white spots on their tongue.......but a black HAIRY tongue?  That just sounds gross.......and MUST look disgusting.  But as strange as it sounds, its typically nothing serious.

Small bumps on the surface of your tongue are called papillae.  They grow throughout your lifetime and is some people, the papillae can become rather long.  Usually the papillae are worn down by daily activity such as eating, talking, etc.  But because they can get long, it makes it more possible for the papillae to harbor bacteria.  When the bacteria continues to grow it becomes dark in color, and the Papillae appear to look hair-like, similar to what mold looks like.  Find The Best Dentist Near Me Linwood NJ 08221

This condition is not that common and is usually only found in those who do not practice effective dental hygiene.  But a black hairy tongue can also be found on people who are on antibiotics, receiving chemotherapy, and people who have diabetes.  Find The Best Dentist Near Me Linwood NJ 08221

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