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Worried About Braces?

As a parent, we start to worry once the word “braces” are mentioned from our Dentist or Orthodontist.  Both work together to create a healthy, beautiful mouth for your child…..and to do that, sometimes braces are needed.  So here are some common questions we get, regarding braces:


Can My Child Play Sports, and Wear Braces?

                The answer?  Absolutely! But the best thing to do for your child, is to wear a protective mouth guard if they are riding a bike, skating, or playing contact sports.  Ask your orthodontist which mouth guard will best suit your child.


Will Braces Interfere with Playing a Musical Instrument?

                There are certain instruments that will require some adaptation to braces, like wind or brass instruments.  But as long as practice is part of the daily routine, along with a small period of adjustment, braces wont interfere to much with one’s ability to play a musical instrument. 


Why Do Some Treatments Last Longer Than Expected?

                When your dentist or orthodontist estimates a treatment plan… is just that, and estimate.  All patients grow and change at different rates, and they also respond differently to orthodontic treatment.  Your orthodontist will have a specific treatment goal in his or her mind, and will want to continue that goal until it is met.  As long as patients are cooperating, they will be the best predictor of staying on time with the treatment plan.  Patients that cooperate when asked to wear the rubber bands, headgear, or whatever else appliance is needed, usually will always lead to an on-time and excellent treatment result. Find Dentist Reviews Linwood NJ 08221


Explain Patient Cooperation and Its importance during treatment.

                When the dentist or orthodontist says “good patient cooperation” they mean, the patient is following the orthodontist’s instructions when it comes to wearing appliances, and also practicing good oral hygiene and diet.  Having a successful orthodontic treatment is a two-way street and will require consistency, and cooperation on both sides.  The patient needs to carefully clean their teeth, wear rubber bands or headgear, and avoid foods that will damage the braces.  But that’s not all……they need to keep the appointments that are scheduled!  Find Dentist Reviews Linwood NJ 08221


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