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The Jaw and Tongue

Our Mouths are amazing.  If you truly think about what they are capable of and the functions it is able to do......all at the same time.  Speak, chew, spit, having good oral health is critical.  Curious about what parts of the mouth do?  Read on to discover more!  

The Upper and Lower Jaw

Ours jaws. Without them…….say goodbye to eating and drinking your favorite foods as well as that pretty little face.  Our jaws are what gives our face its shape, and the mouth, the structure it needs to eat and speak.  The jaws are made up of several bones; the upper jaw has two bones that are fused together and also to the rest of the skull.  The lower jaw is not connected to the skull.  Because it is separate, it can move up and down when we speak and chew.  Find A Dentist That Takes My Insurance Linwood NJ 08221



The Tongue

Not exactly the most beautiful thing, but boy is it a necessity.  It is a muscle that is super powerful.  It is also covered in mucosal tissue, including the taste buds.  The tongue not only is important to our health, but also it plays a crucial role in our bodies digestive system.  We need our tongue to move the food to our teeth, then to move the food to the back of the throat when it is ready to be swallowed.  

When a baby is born, their tongue and jaw bones will work together to enable them to suck on a bottle or a breast.  

The tongue also is what enables us to speak clearly.  It helps shape the sounds that will come out of our mouths.  Find A Dentist That Takes My Insurance Linwood NJ 08221


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