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Dealing with Dentures At A Young Age


Loosing teeth can happen at any age, but this doesn’t mean you have to live without a nice smile.  Dentures have a stigma attached to them, “those are for old people”, so finding out that you may need dentures, is a bit stressful.  It will take some small changes on your behalf, regarding oral care and diet, but eventually you will have confidence about living with dentures. 

According to Louisiana State University Health in Shreveport, 69 percent of adults from the age of 35 to 44 have lost one or more of their permanent teeth.  Twenty-six of adults around the age of 74 are missing all of their permanent teeth. 

Most of the time, young people will lose their teeth because of gum disease and tooth decay.  There are certain dental abnormalities like ectodermal dysplasia that can also cause a young person to lose their teeth.  Gastrointestinal reflux causes stomach acid to come back up in the mouth, and this can also cause tooth decay in young adults, resulting in losing their permanent teeth. 

Whatever the cause may be, having dentures can be a long-term solution that will be pain free, and worry free.  It will take some adjustment, but will result in a more attractive and healthier smile.   Dentures Linwood NJ 08221

Having dentures fitted, to a young person, can make a young person very sensitive, especially when it comes to their appearance.  There are several treatment options to help young people avoid this type of embarrassment.  Because the gums will change shape after teeth are removed (this can take several months), your dentist can have you fitted for immediate dentures.  These type of dentures are fitted right after tooth extraction, ensuring that there is zero awkward period of no teeth.  Once the gums have adjusted, the dentures can be relined to fit the mouth’s new shape. 

A younger person may want to consider Implant-Supported dentures.  These type of dentures are way more secure in the mouth than regular dentures.  Keep in mind that this process can take up to a year for completion.  Dentures Linwood NJ 08221

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