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A Little Help For Parents


Chances are at least one of your children will experience decaying or damaged teeth that may need to be repaired with dental restoration.  There are so many different options to choose from, it may seem daunting to make the right choice. 

If your child needs dental restoration, what that means for us parents is they have a tooth that needs help!  It needs to be restored to its initial appearance and needs to be able to function at its highest potential!  The most common type of restoration seen in children are fillings and crowns.  Both are great options, but both have a specific job. 


Having a filling is something that has been around for decades.  It is used on all types of people, from the young to the old.  It has remained popular because of its affordability and it required less work on the tooth than any other restoration process.  A filling can be applied in one dental visit, and there are different types to choose from.  The traditional stainless steel look, or the practically invisible tooth-colored filling are both options to consider. 

Yes fillings have been around for a long time, but their lifespan doesn’t seem to last near as long.  Sometimes when a filling is used to restore a baby molar, the tooth still seems to get decayed again and/or the filling may break from the shape of the tooth.  If this happens to your child, they will need to consider having a different form of treatment.  The tooth still needs to be restored, however, a crown will probably be used the 2nd time around.  Consider the many benefits that fillings have:

*Less expensive (as long as they last) than crowns

*Less tooth structure will need to be removed

*available in natural looking options

*treatment is done in one visit


So if having a filling isn’t an option, or you just would rather your child have a crown, here is what you need to know! Dental Work for Kids Linwood NJ 08221


Crowns, also known as a cap, are placed on the teeth to restore them and keep them protected from further decay.  Caps are available in stainless steel or porcelain.  Porcelain is the more natural looking option.  Having a crown is sometimes the better option than traditional fillings because it is stronger, longer lasting, and more stain resistant.  Usually a crown can be placed in one single visit. 

Crowns do come with a higher price tag, and will require removal of more of the tooth’s natural structure.  Even with this, they still are often preferred by both parents and dentists. 

They are stronger, and will last longer than a traditional filling, resist staining better, and is less dental cost for the future. Dental Work for Kids Linwood NJ 08221

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