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Beyond Teeth: What's Inside Your Mouth

Practicing good oral health is more than just brushing and flossing.  Our mouths play more of a role than just a pretty smile…….speech, digestion, and so much more play a significant role.  We have our teeth, but our mouth is also made up of gums, oral mucosa, the tongue, upper and lower jaw, salivary glands, the frenulum, and the uvula.  These ALL play such an important role when it comes to having good dental health.  You may not realize it, but when you go to the dentist for an exam, your dentist will also routinely examine these other areas. 

Let’s talk about the Oral Mucosa.  Open your mouth and look in the mirror.  Anything that you see that isn’t a tooth, is coated with this protective lining that is called the oral mucosa.  Oral mucosa is a membrane that is similar to the mucous membranes that line the nostrils and inside the ears.  Oral mucosa defends the body from germs and other things that can irritate the mouth---this alone is why it plays such a huge role in your oral health and even your overall health. Dental Care Near Me Linwood NJ 08221


Next, we have the gums.  If you aren’t aware, the gums are the pinkish tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth.  The gums are covered in oral mucosa, and play a very critical role in your overall health.  For gums to be healthy, they need to be firm and cover the entire root of the tooth.  They should not bleed if they are brushed, poked, or prodded.  If gum disease becomes a battle, it can lead to tooth loss.  Flossing needs to happen daily, as well as brushing your teeth. Dental Care Near Me Linwood NJ 08221


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