Cleft Palate Treatment Linwood NJ 08221

Treatment Plan for Cleft Lip or Cleft Palate


Once it is determined that our child has a cleft lip, cleft palate, or both, treatment will begin at a young age. 

Cleft lip usually requires only one to two surgeries, depending on the severity of the lip.  Surgery will begin by the time the child reaches 3 months of age. 

Repairing a cleft palate is very different, and much more intricate.  It often will require multiple surgeries from the time the baby is an infant, all the way up to 18 years of age.  The first surgery will usually happen to repair the palate when the baby is between 6 and 12 months old.  The first surgery will create a palate that functions, so that it will reduce the chance that fluid will develop in the middle ears of the child.  It also helps the teeth and facial bones develop with less issues. 

Children who have cleft palate usually need a bone graft as well, when they are around the age of 8 years old.  The bone graft will fill in the upper gum line so that it can support the permanent teeth and stabilize the upper jaw.  Twenty percent of children with a cleft palate often require further surgery to help improve their speech.  Once the child receives all their permanent teeth, braces or some other form of teeth-straightening method will be needed. Cleft Palate Treatment Linwood NJ 08221

Because the cleft lip and palate can be a visible malformation, additional surgeries may need to happen to improve the appearance of the lip and nose and also to close any openings between the mouth and nose (to help with breathing and stabilizing/realigning the jaw). 

Dealing with the repairs of the scars left behind from the initial surgeries usually will not be performed until adolescence.  The facial structure needs to be more fully developed. Cleft Palate Treatment Linwood NJ 08221

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