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Making The Tooth Fairy Happy


If your child is anything like mine, they very much believe in the magical tooth fairy.  The crazy thing is, mine have never asked what on earth she does with all the teeth she collects.  But if you have a curious child, take what opportunity they give you, and share these helpful tips!

Sometimes its not easy to convince children to care for their teeth the right way, especially when they are young.  So if it will work, why not appeal to their childhood imagination and tell them how happy the tooth fairy will be if they take great care of their teeth! 

Brush Away those Icky Germs

Germs and the Tooth Fairy are enemies.  Know why?  Because germs are sent to destroy kids’ teeth.  So let your children know how happy the tooth fairy will be knowing they are brushing twice a day and that means all the bad guy germs are banished from their mouth.  And there is always the favorite brushing song by Barney, “Brushing My Teeth”. Child Toothbrush Linwood NJ 08221

Floss the Icky Germs

As much as we want brushing to eradicate all the nasty germs, sometimes those germs are really great at hiding.  Flossing may be annoying and tiresome, but the Tooth Fairy will want you to make sure that no germs are left hiding in the dark areas of the mouth.  Flossing works SO well, that they only have to do it once a day! 


Eat Healthy Food

We all love sweets……and starchy snacks, but tell your kiddos that they will earn extra points with the tooth fairy if they eat healthy fruits and vegetables instead of the sugary stuff!  Healthy foods will give them super powers! 


Visit the Dentist

Some kids really hate going to the dentist……but a way to ease their fears is by telling them that if they are brace and face the dentist, they can be like a superhero and have superhero teeth!  This will make the Tooth Fairy very proud of them!  Child Toothbrush Linwood NJ 08221


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