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Tips For Your Teeth


I absolutely LOVE sour candy.  I would say sour skittles and sour patch kids are my absolute favorite.  My children know this about me and you can almost guarantee that every Mother’s Day and every Christmas in my stocking, there will be some form of sour candy. 

Sadly…….sour is so bad for your teeth.  But it’s not just candy!  Energy drinks, diet sodas, apple juice, orange juice, and coffee…….all can harm your teeth.  They all contain acid, which will soften the tooth’s enamel.  The good news is, if you do have those things, wait a good half hour, and then brush your teeth.  This will give your saliva enough time to help restore the tooth’s enamel.  When you brush the teeth when the enamel is softened, it becomes the perfect recipe for wearing away the enamel on them. Best Electric Toothbrush Linwood NJ 08221


One of the dirtiest places in our home, are our bathrooms.  So make sure you are caring for your toothbrush properly.  Stand it up in a toothbrush holder.  Try not to leave it on the counter---it will become exposed to germs from the toilet and sink.  Keep your toothbrush away from even your partner’s---you don’t need their bacteria lingering on your toothbrush. 

Let your toothbrush air dry as well.  If the toothbrush is placed in a container and stays moist, this becomes fertile ground for bacteria growth.  IF you want to use a cover, make sure it has holes and provides ventilation. 


Lastly, quit holding on to your toothbrush for longer than you should.  A new toothbrush should make it on your grocery list at least every 3 to 4 months.  When the bristles start to lose their shape and flexibility, it’s also time to change the toothbrush.  When the bristles become frayed, broken, or lose, they fail to clean.  Best Electric Toothbrush Linwood NJ 08221


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