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Bad Habits For Your Teeth

We all have bad habits.  But some, we may not even be aware of, are wrecking our teeth!  Sucking your thumb or lemons……does the pearly whites completely wrong!  Bite your nails?  Horrible for your nails AND your teeth!

Some of dental habit “don’ts” can do immediate damage, while others add up over time.

Thumbs DOWN to Thumb SUCKING

It is not uncommon for children to suck on their fingers or thumb…..but children who continue to do this after their permanent teeth have started coming in, may be in trouble.   Thumb sucking can cause misalignment of the teeth, affecting the teeth and jaw structure.  This leads to a number of different issues like difficulty chewing and breathing problems.  So if you have a child who is still sucking their thumb, help them wean off of it as soon as possible! 

Sour Lemons   Best Dentist in NJ Linwood 08221

I am a sucker for lemons…..or anything sour really!  But anyone who sucks a lemon is putting their dental health in jeopardy!  Why?  Well lemons are extremely acidic.  The acid corrodes the enamel on the teeth.  When the teeth are exposed to acidic substances continually, it can cause tooth enamel to erode which creates a rough texture on the surface of the teeth. 

Don’t Brush Too Hard

We all need to brush, twice a day!  It has to be a part of our oral hygiene! But if you brush to vigorously, it will do more harm than good!  Brushing to hard wears down the enamel, irritates the gums, cause cavities, and can also make your teeth sensitive to hot and cold.  To help avoid these problems, a soft bristled toothbrush is recommended.  Look for any toothbrush that says ADA on the box!  If you use a brush approved by the American Dental Association, the bristles will be firm enough to remove plaque but soft enough to not cause any damage.  Best Dentist in NJ Linwood 08221


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