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Types of Space Maintainers

Space Maintainers are needed when a child loses a tooth before its “time”.  This can happen because of tooth decay, or accidents.  The space maintainer will act as a tooth, and keep the space open so that the rest of the teeth in the mouth do not shift into that open space.  If shifting begins, orthodontic treatment will be needed.

There are two types of space maintainers, removable and fixed. 

Removable maintainers are often made of acrylic.  Sometimes an artificial tooth may also be used to fill in that space until the adult tooth erupts. 

With a fixed space maintainer, there are four options to choose from; unilateral, crown and loop, distal shoe, and lingual.

Unilateral and crown and loop maintainers are placed only on one side of the mouth and will hold the space open for one tooth.  When a unilateral space maintainer is placed, it will wrap around the outside of the tooth and then connect to a metal loop.  This will hold the space intact.  Best Dentist Near Me Linwood NJ 08221

The crown and loop is a crown that would cover the tooth.  It is attached to the loop and will make sure that the space is left open for the erupting tooth.

If the child has an unerupted first permanent molar tooth, a distal shoe space maintainer will be used.  This type of space maintainer will have to be monitored by the dentist to make sure the tooth can erupt properly.  This type of space maintainer is a bit more complicated.  The end of the metal will be inserted into the gum line to keep the space from closing. 

If there is more than one missing tooth, a lingual space maintainer will be recommended.  This type of space maintainer is bilateral and would be cemented to the molar teeth and then connected by a wire.  The wire would be located inside the lower front teeth.  Best Dentist Near Me Linwood NJ 08221


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