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Diagnosing TMJ

Temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) is when the temporomandibular joint is injured or damaged.  This joint connects your jaw to your skull.  When it is damaged it can be a localized pain, therefore it is called TMJ.

So what causes Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome?  Well if you happen to injure the teeth or jaw, if the teeth or jaw become misaligned, teeth grinding, poor posture, stress arthritis and gum chewing (who knew, right?). 

So how do you be sure what you have is TMJ?  Well some signs and symptoms include pain in the jaw joint, jaw clicking and popping, ear pain, popping sounds in the ears, headaches, stiff or sore jaw muscles, pain in the temple, and locking of the jaw joint. 

The great thing if you happen to have temporomandibular joint syndrome, there are treatments you can do at home that will really help relieve any pain you may feel:  Ice packs to the joint, NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) you can buy over the counter, avoid gum, massage or do gentle stretches of the jaw and neck, and relieve any stress you may be experience. 

If you have tried the home treatments and are still not finding relief, medical treatment may be necessary.  If that is the case, your dentist may want to try a dental splint, Botox injections, physical therapy, prescription medications, or if it is really severe, surgery may be needed. Best Dentist Linwood NJ 08221

If you happen to be diagnosed with TMJ, the prognosis is fairly good and usually can be managed with self-care and home remedies.  Best Dentist Linwood NJ 08221

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