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Fixing Crown Issues

When a tooth is broken, most of the time, your dentist will recommend a crown to replace it and protect it.  Your tooth will be shaped, and then a mold will be taken of the tooth.  This mold is sent out to laboratory---and a temporary crown is placed until the permanent is ready. 

When the permanent crown is placed, to help with any discomfort you may experience, the tooth is usually numbed.  While this is great for you, it can be a little harder on the dentist.  You will not be able to feel any “high” areas of the crown…….and those high areas can lead to some major discomfort. 

So is this happens, how does your dentist make it right?  Well if the dental crown hits to hard against the other teeth when you bite, it’s time to call the dentist.  This is an easy fix.  Your dentist will just grind a small amount of porcelain away from the crowns biting edge.  Small (millimeter) porcelain will be removed until the bite is more comfortable.  Lidocaine is not necessary and this helps ensure a better bite and input from you during the process. Best Dentist In My Area Linwood NJ 08221

Sensitivity can also be an issue.  A crown is created to cover the entire exposed area of the broken tooth.  The natural dentin needs to be protected.  Protecting it will reduce cavities and erosion concerns in the future.  Unfortunately, if gingivitis is formed around the crown, the gum can start to recede—causing just a small amount of dental root to become exposed.  A damaged tooth is often very sensitive because of trauma—so the root will emit strong sensations when you eat hot or cold foods. 

The good news is, as long as it isn’t a huge issue, sensitivity can be easily treated with fluoride treatments.  Best Dentist In My Area Linwood NJ 08221


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