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Parts of the Mouth

The Salivary Glands

The salivary glands are located in the mouth and neck, and there are three sets called the parotid, submandibular, and sublingual.  The glands is what produces saliva.  Saliva contains a special enzyme that is needed to break down food.  We need the food broken down so that it is easier to swallow.  Saliva is also crucial to our oral health.  Saliva protects the teeth and gums by rinsing away the food particles and bacteria.  It also will counter-act the acidic foods.  Acidic foods are responsible for damaging the enamel on the teeth.  


The Uvula

We know this also as the punching bag in our home.  That small little flap of tissue that hangs in the back of our throats…..yep, thats the uvula.  It is made up of muscle fibers and connective and glandular tissue.  It is also covered by oral mucosa.  While we know what it is made up of, scientists are still stumped by why we need it.  Its function is still not totally understood.  The one things we do know is that it does play some role with speech and also keeping the mouth and throat moist.  


The Frenulum Linguae  Best Dentist Around Me Linwood NJ 08221

Know that piece of tissue that you can see when you lift your tongue up?  Ya know, the line that goes from the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth?  That’s the frenulum linguae.  This small tissue is what allows the tongue to be able to freely move around the mouth to do it’s job.  If a baby is born and their frenulum is too short or not elastic enough, breastfeeding and bottle feeding can be rough.  

If the frenulum lingual is too short, it can affect speech. 



So the next time you are in the bathroom, and looking at the mirror; take a minute to discover all the parts of the mouth.  One of the best ways to have good oral health is to know what they look like; especially healthy.   Best Dentist Around Me Linwood NJ 08221

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