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Signs, Symptoms, & Diagnostics

Gum disease may progress slowly, and painlessly.  It produces few obvious signs, even when someone is in late stages of periodontal disease.  Everything is fine (you think), then one day, at your dentist, you may be told that you have chronic gum disease and that you are possibly at risk of losing your teeth.

The symptoms may be subtle, but the conditions in your mouth do come with some major warning signs.  Here are some symptoms that will point to some sort of the disease:

  •  Gums start to bleed while brushing, or after.
  • The gums are red, tender, or swollen
  • The bad breath never goes away
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • The gums have begun to recede away from the teeth
  • Deep pockets begin to form between the teeth and gums
  • The teeth become loose or shift
  • The teeth no longer fit together the same way  08221 Linwood NJ Dentist


Even if none of these symptoms are something you think you have, that doesn’t mean you aren’t battling some sort of gum disease.  Often times people may only be battling gum disease in certain areas of the mouth, especially the back teeth.  They are hidden, and hard to check up on.  The only person capable of checking those back teeth are a periodontist or dentist. 

According to the Academy of Periodontology, 30% of the American population may be genetically susceptible to gum disease.  People who are genetically predisposed are six times more likely to deal with some sort of gum disease.  Sometimes genetic testing is encouraged, so that they can receive help and treatment.  08221 Linwood NJ Dentist

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